PSA: If your Apple TV 4K is “bricked” after a tvOS 17 update, it might be your remote.

…to hopefully save you from contacting Apple and having to deal with that rigamarole…

If you took any of the tvOS 17 updates (in my case, 17.2) and found your Apple TV is acting up (bootlooping, freezing at home screen and then restarting, random rebooting), the fix is likely really, really stupid: Your remote is likely acting up. If you want to verify this, either move your remote out of range of your Apple TV or put it in a faraday cage (a powered off and unplugged microwave is great for this) and see if your Apple TV comes out of its stupor. If it does, you can try resetting your remote by pressing and holding both the TV and Volume Down buttons for 5-10 seconds. This should cause your remote to restart, and hopefully the problem will go away.

Not sure what causes it, but during the update the remote just seems to get stuck and it seems to be constantly telling the Apple TV to force reboot. Happened with 17.0 to some people, happened to me with 17.2.