Console gaming was a mistake.

In 2019, I decided that maybe since we were sitting at the end of life for the last gen of consoles, I’d pick them up to play some exclusives I had missed. My girlfriend started this by buying me an Xbox One X for my birthday in 2019, and later a Switch that Christmas, and then a good friend of mine gave me her PS4 around mid-2020.

All of them are gathering dust. Though some for different reasons than others. Let’s check up on them now:

Xbox One X: I actually enjoy this console the most (…when it works), because of Game Pass. Game Pass is stupidly good value for the money and I’ve definitely enjoyed being able to play a bunch of games I miss without paying out the ass for them. 

The problem, however…is every Xbox controller I’ve tried has had issues. The one that came with it had fitment issues with the plastic pieces, the one existing controller I had started developing problems with the face buttons (they’d work intermittently, it’s a known issue sadly. They’ll either double press or not work at all), and finally on Black Friday 2020 I saw Series X controllers on sale for cheap. I picked up a blue one. The fit and feel was great. I had faith it’d be fine.


January 2021 rolls around and the controller is having the same issues that plagued my previous controllers. I can never win. Xbox effectively shelved and gathering dust. Yipeee.

Nintendo Switch: Joy-con drift meant I had to buy a Pro Controller and use it docked for the most part. Hardly the worst thing, but the other problem is that the Switch is just…expensive to feed. Even though I have the means to afford the games now, paying $55 for a 4 year old launch game is absolutely ridiculous. And Nintendo is bringing Wii U games over…while raising the price for them to $60. For straight ports. WTF?

I really want to build a collection of games, rather than having to trade in a game when I’m done with it, forever locked out of playing it until I buy it a second time. And with Nintendo’s games never devaluing ever, it’s just…a hard sell.

PS4 Slim: This is by far my favorite console because it has a good number of exclusives, the controllers seem to be aging well, and the console itself works a treat! 

But I guess my problem with it is just dealing with framerate in games. It’s only a slim, so it has the same specs as a base PS4. God of War is a beautiful game, sure, but god does it drop frames like crazy in some places. Horizon Zero Dawn is also a wonderful game, but the motion blur makes it look like a muddled mess. (Thankfully we have the PC port, now!) 

About the only game that I really, really love on it is Tetris Effect, because it just seems to run with no major issues or frame drops.

The exclusives though have me thinking that if I were to get a next gen console, it’d be a PS5, no question. Sony has it in exclusives. But the problem is I’m so damn turned off of console gaming that I’m not sure I could bring myself to buy one.

While I do appreciate having these consoles with me and being able to use them…I just see them gathering dust and I feel this twinge of regret for even buying them/asking for them as gifts. Maybe I shouldn’t, but I do. Because I don’t feel like I use them as much as I should.



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